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Moral :
Creative & community driven things need creative + community people. Longterm growth assured.


Wisdom for investment in WEB 3.0 | Different ball game altogether | The fields are levelled.

Arcade Labs is a creative division of KRYPTA Analytics.

Which explores the investment opportunities in creative blockchain-based virtual world + GameFi, through its collborative & DevOps studios.

Krypta Analytics is a collaborative research, technology and outsourcing company with a core competency in DLT ( Blockchain ).


Under creative development in our Bengaluru & Kuresong studio.

GameFi + Metaverse

PBC – ( Pandamica Buyer Club ) is a panda theme, exclusive, limited collection of 10,001 NFTs  + GameFi metaverse.

Creator economy +  Metaverse

Exclusive, curated selections of NFTs, address concerns such as provenance, authenticity,  copyright in art auction market

Creator economy +  Metaverse

Fan tokens or sports  digital tokens that enable sports teams, leagues, clubs,  and players to strengthen fan engagement.

Investment Partnership

Web 3.0, uncertainty is the only certainty, in it's aborning stage. However, business models can pivot, market sizes can be impacted by a litany of external variables, but if the jockey is right, they can navigate any situation.

Choose the right jockey.​

The video presentation was made in the year 2017.

Creative things need creative people.

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